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Welcome to The Lounge. Home of the Midday Sound Off and Finish My Thought.
It's the show designed to take your mind off of the mundane and leave you in permanent "chill" mode. By the end of the show you may not be sure exactly what you did, but you know you can't wait to do it again. So call a friend and join me weekdays from 10am-3pm.
There's always room for one more in The Lounge...
The Midday Sound Off is an interactive exchange of opinions on a plausible situation. There will always be enough reason to go one way or the other, and there's never a wrong answer. Only the truth, according to your personality.
Finish My Thought...
A random way to finish the day, but it's what best friends can do easily, finish each others thought. Take a try at finishing mine and discover something about me. Or finish yours, and discover something about yourself.

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