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The ManTalks podcast is a space where we spotlight Men Making A Difference. We believe that there are an amazing amount of men making a difference in the world and we want to feature them, their message and their journey on the podcast.

Its hosted by Connor Beaton (the founder of ManTalks) and his side-kick Roger Nairn (me).

Guests so far have included Lewis Howes, Dan Millman, Tim Urban (Wait But Why), Chris Bailey, John Lee Dumas, Cal Newport, Dan Mangan, Vikram Vij, Todd Henry, Philip McKernan, Neil Pasricha (The Book of Awesome), Frank Warren (PostSecret), Greg McKeown (Essentialism) and Julian Treasure.

Our podcast is geared towards men who are committed to being their best versions, men who are making a difference, men who want to be better Fathers, Husbands, Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Visit us at http://mantalks.com/podcast
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