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The Morning Crunch Show puts a bite into every weekday morning on Love 104.1 FM! Co-hosts Samud Ali & Astra Babb along with Smiles "Llewelyn" Davis wake you up with awesome music, entertainment news, health tips and overall insane behaviour.
Start your day off with the Crunch Question of the Day.
The Morning Crunch Fitness tip tackles how to optimize your healthy lifestyle.
Dazed in History takes us back in time with the most pointless yet hilarious events from the past.
"30 Seconds You'll Never Be Able to Get Back" gives you all the fake news you need in the morning and Smile's Word of the Day is extracted from his personal "Concise Dictionary of Malapropisms, Hyperbole and Sillyisms" which promises to both expand your vocabulary and make you sound deranged at dinner parties.
Don't forget you get to vote in 'Rock the River'! Who really rocks the river, Astra or Sam?
Whether you're heading to school, work or just relaxing at home, you'll find yourself turning the radio on and up to the Morning Crunch Show! Monday - Friday 5 am - 10 am.
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