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The Outside Voice Show is a podcast (radio show) created by Shane Arden Whitaker in January 2016 for building new relationships with people who might not otherwise visit our church building here in Decatur, IL.

The hope is that by participating in open dialogue with others; about their lives, their stories, and their experiences, that we would both begin to find some common ground by which we can begin to build trust and friendship – free of judgement, free of condemnation, and full of love and understanding.

"I believe we can get a better understanding of each other when we will simply take the time to ask questions then listen to what is being shared without preparing a response." – @Shane_Arden

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The Outside Voice Show is giving people the opportunity share their life stories, successes and failures, with people all across the world in hopes of helping others find encouragement within our commonality and the human condition.

We hope you will join us on this journey for understanding and truth that begs for us to use our outside voice to help ignite a fire inside. @voice_outside
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