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The PetroNerds Podcast with Trisha Curtis is a monthly, energy market
podcast with a focus on oil and gas news and events. More than just a
summary of headlines, the PetroNerds Podcast takes a deep analytical dive
into topical energy market developments via a data-driven discussion of
news, economics, companies, assets, well performance, and much more from
the oilpatch. Discussions will touch on global energy markets and
geopolitical events, US energy news, shale and tight oil + gas market
developments, and policy issues. Trisha Curtis is a co-founder of
PetroNerds, LLC. She was formerly the Director of Research, Upstream and
Midstream, at the Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc. Trisha is a
research fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) and a
non-resident fellow at the Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc.
PetroNerds, LLC is a boutique energy analytics and advising firm based in
Denver, CO. It provides a variety of products and services to help its
clients better understand US energy markets, evaluate the performance and
assets of US tight oil and gas producers, improve midstream and downstream
market knowledge, and provide domestic and global policy context to ongoing
events in the both US and abroad.
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