The Priest, the Badger and the Little Green Men

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Durning the late 1950's and early 60's, The Rev Lionel Fanthorpe wrote over 150 pulp fiction novels under various names for Badger Books.

His methods of writing are almost as bizarre as the books themselves. While hiding under a rug, Fanthorpe would let stream of consciousness dictate the fate of his characters. While good always prevailed, heroes would sometimes meet a sticky end, only to reappear, mind and body intact, some chapters further down the line.

Through incredible padding illusions and herculean feats of literacy (aided at all times by his trusty thesaurus, just how many ways can you describe Black space?), Rev Fanthorpe, aka Karl Ziegfried, a.k.a, Bron Fane a.k.a John E.Muller, a.k.a Leo Brett, a.k.a Pel Torro, wrote 89 of his books in a three year period. That's one every 12 days, while holding down a teaching job.

Featuring readings from Fanthorpe himself and dramatic recreations of his most interesting and memorable work, The Vicar, The Badger and the little Green Men from Mars - How one man, armed with a mind like a mental grasshopper, a dictaphone and a good rug became the most prolific sci-fi author on the planet.

Producer: Rob Alexander
A Pier Production for BBC Radio 4.
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