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The Rated RyeMan Show was and is the brain child of station owner, The RyeMan. Deciding that Energy Rock Radio needed a flagship show, he decided to put put pen to paper and think of ways he could stand out in the over saturated radio show broadcast markets.

After much thought and hours of research, RyeMan had decided to do a slight new age mimic of his idol – Howard Stern, and his Howard Stern Show. After the first few years of building the show brand and audience, mixed with rock tunes, adult beverages and many girls, RyeMan was coined “The New Modern Day Stern”.

This of course is now years later, and continues to be the “must see” show of the station. Look out for RyeMan and his naughty co-hosts and guests, whether it be with java or brew. RyeMan rocks it harder and louder than anyone, and he alone makes this station what we strive to be, and that’s HARD 24/7 in every DAMN sense of the word!
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