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The Response is a new programme which gives you the chance to broadcast a unique story about yourself to the world using just your mobile phone.

The theme of the first programme is 'Turning Point'. We want you to think of a story about an event which changed you. It could be in your family life, a change in career, your health, the birth of a child – any incident which had a big impact on your life.

To take part, just find the voice recorder on your phone, make a two minute recording of yourself telling the story and email that recording to us, marked The Response at worldservice.letters@bbc.co.uk

Try to convey what happened, why it was so important and the impact it had.

If you’re confused about how to take part, send a brief outline of your story and your phone number and we’ll get back to you.

We will edit your stories together into a unique half-hour of the experiences which have shaped lives. The programme will be presented by Shaimaa Khalil.

So take your phone, make a recording and send a story to us now! You could find yourself broadcasting to millions…
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