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SSS10: How to Go from Actress to 6 Figure Award Winning Photographer


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Yasmine Khater: Online Entrepreneur, Sales Strategist and Founder of Earn 5K and Sell Out Service

Sales Success teaches you how to make more sales by taking you behind-the-scenes of sales funnels and sales processes that are needed in order to run an online business. Yasmine Khater Interviews 6 and 7 figure business owners on what they do so you can learn how to grow your empire and make more sales. In season one of the show, you are going to learn how the leading business owners are generating their revenues. Also you will get a tweak at how they tweak your offers, build your funnels and sales process. But not only that, but they will share their secret sauce that helps them close more sales. The show is hosted by sales strategist and founder of Earn 5K and Sell Out Service Yasmine Khater.
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