The Secret Diaries Of Tara Tremendous

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S02 Episode 11: She’s Back! (The Queen Oceannia Trilogy – Part 3)


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The Secret Diaries Of Tara Tremendous is a musical superhero
adventure series for kids, about 11-year-old Tara Callahan who goes from
ordinary to extraordinary after receiving the powers of every superhero in
the world! Listen in as Tara adjusts to her new life at Power University
where she lives and learns about what it takes to be the most powerful
superhero in the world!

Created by award-winning children and family television writer and musical
composer Stewart St John, whose credits include Sabrina: The Animated
Series, Disney Channel’s Seventeen Again, 50 episodes of the Mighty Morphin
Power Rangers, Incredible Hulk and more! Produced by Wonkybot Studios.
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