The Trouble With My Dad

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Imagine finding out, aged 13, that the man you had always called dad wasn't your real father.

For Kyle, this was a harsh reality, turning his life upside down and opening up a world of unanswered questions. Now, eight years later and for the first time, he wants to confront his past, but where will his journey take him?

Bold, insightful and emotional, The Trouble with My Dad follows 21-year-old Kyle, an ambitious, hard-working young man, as he pieces together his family tree on his real dad's side of the family in a bid to understand who he really is.

Surprised to find out that he has more than ten brothers and sisters and over thirty cousins, Kyle's journey takes him all over the UK and across the globe.

Uncovering heartbreaking secrets along the way, Kyle unearths a series of personal choices and social circumstances that have contributed to his family's DNA. But will Kyle find the answers he's looking for and can he stop history from repeating itself?

Fusing observational documentary with social history while tracing a family tree, The Trouble with My Dad is a fresh take on genealogy for a younger audience.
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