The Valley of Forever

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The Valley of Forever is science fiction/speculative fiction with a touch of magical realism. In 2015, a cruise ship, the ill-fated Crowne of the Sovereign Ocean, burns off the coast of the Bahamas in a tragic and fatal fire. As it turns out, a remarkably similar event happened to the same ship 23 years before, which can’t be a coincidence. Marcus Windom, a survivor of the disaster, begins telling his story of the event to his estranged son. But it’s about a lot more than just a burning ship. The twin disasters are merely the borders of a rich tapestry of time and space, involving a mysterious adventurer named Dale, a hypnotic book, a dogged pursuer called the Norwegian, a village in the Himalayas where time stands still, and a hideous creature that resembles a giant grasshopper. Marcus’s search for the threads that bind these elements together might just take him to a place that lies at the very limit of human consciousness, and the farthest reaches of imagination–a place called the Valley of Forever.
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