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You Create Podcast Episode #016 | Interview With Zak Johns from UnrealWrox.com – Successful Custom Drone Business | Cutting Carbon Fiber


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The You Create Podcast is centered around using your imagination and a CNC/3D machine to create just about anything you can dream of. Highlights from the podcast will revolve around CNC machining, milling, carving, and routing on a wide variety of materials from Aluminum to plastics, wood and foam. Using a universal CNC system, you can quickly convert to 3D printing, engraving, craft cutting, and much more.

The podcast will cover all aspects of CNC and 3D Printing, including software, techniques, ideas, and more. We will answer your questions, give you ideas, and help you find creative solutions. Additionally, we will talk about how you can use a 3D/CNC system to start a part or full time business from the comfort of your own home. Making money from something you love... What can be more exciting?

The You Create Podcast is brought to you by Stepcraft, a world leader in universal desktop CNC solutions. While we will discuss a lot of applications that can be done using a Stepcraft system, we will keep the topics general enough so that they can apply to any personal CNC routing, milling or 3D printing solution.

This podcast is for anyone who wants to turn that next big idea into a reality.
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