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with DJ Bob Lowrey and guests
Blending comedy with a wide palette of musical styles, the Zakk Wylde Power Sermon, hosted by Bob Lowrey, is an hour-long diversion from radio normalcy that offers listeners of all ages, genders, tastes (and distastes) a chance to enjoy songs from some of their favorite alternative artists and styles, as well as the opportunity to meet-and-greet countless others. From ‘90s pop-punk to modern neo-goregrind, prog rock pioneering to ‘80s throwback. If you’re looking for some righteous jammin’ and jocund jokes that even Zakk’s beard couldn’t prevent a smile from escaping, look no further: Bob Lowrey’s Zakk Wylde Power Sermon is in your face and will keep you bolted (with real metal bolts) to your seat every TUESDAY @ 9:00 pm EST.

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