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If you're tired of all of the Internet Marketing hype and just looking for straight forward advice from two no-nonsense seven figure online marketers, then Top Marketing Strategies is for you. Mike and Troy are known for their SEO background, but don't really fancy themselves as SEO guru's - in fact, they rather hate that term.

Instead they prefer to think of themselves as online entrepreneurs and small business marketers first and foremost. You'll discover their approach to getting traffic from the search engines, paid traffic campaigns, conversions, general marketing, multi-channel marketing and anything else that will help you transform your online business. Most of all they both appreciate their lifestyle of running their business from a notebook anywhere in the world (Troy's family is Brazilian and he frequently travels back and forth) and the time it allows them to spend with their families.

Mike and Troy bring you candid and straight forward advice about Internet Marketing, content marketing strategies and SEO (search engine optimization) - no "theory" allowed. Everything you hear comes straight from the pains of experience as this marketing duo practices what they preach in their own online business each and every day.

If you're looking for "magic buttons" or "instant success" then this is NOT for you. But if you understand that building a business online takes some work and are prepared to join us along our journey, then you should feel right at home. Be careful who you listen to online today, because most giving advice have never done it themselves - scary, but true.
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