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The Up Tech Creek podcast is all about the technology challenges that
businesses are faced with on a daily basis, and hopefully providing you
with a proverbial paddle when you need it the most.
• And given that the shows emphasis is on business related tech, sometimes
we will be talking about the issues that connect business to tech…
• A lot of times, when I start talking to someone about a “tech issue”,
something that’s a real challenge, and we dig deeper, we start to discover
that planning, policy, process, etc…. and at times even people lie at the
root of the dilemma…
• And that is where the value proposition appears to really hit home for
many. I mean tech for tech sake is NOT anyone’s goal … at least not in the
universe that I live in…
And when you start talking technology, it’s such a broad topic … that spans
the breadth of business itself!
Email issues, virus issues, hardware crashes, smart phones confusion,
scanning documents, getting your first server up, backing up your data…
maybe your business is growing and you are looking at a new business system…
BUT there is always a business driver behind the tech, communicating with
people, and managing documents for a vast array of purposes from regulatory
to sales, purchasing and production…
These issues are ones that we all face, whether you are an organization of
one – where you are growing your empire as a solo entrepreneur … or a
company of many – and in many instances it’s really just a matter of scale.
So sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage and let's put tech to work
in your business!
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