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Saturday, March 4 at 1pm

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Free Will is a new Trance music group (with a special focus on the sub-genre 'Uplifting'), composed by 3 young portuguese guys (Daniel Mouta, Carlos Mouta and Nuno Barbosa), that are seeking a little bit more of affirmation and visibility in their country for this style of music. Fans of Trance music for a few years, their main influences come from diverse musical styles, since Rock, classical music and, obviously, electronic music in its different variants... still, they consider that a combination of harmonic melodies (and instrumental diversity) with a strong and captivating rhythm is the key for a great musical creation, being that their election style.

They are perfectly aware of the great quality artists that are starting to emerge in their country and the enormous quality that exists on other countries, yet they have the ambition to leave a mark on the years that follow and affirm themselves not only in Portugal but also internationally.
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