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Verbal Ham Radio (VHR) was launched in 2014 and is recorded every couple weeks. This San Diego Podcast is hosted by Boice, who is San Diego's latest shock-jock. You'll hear him spewing out verbal ham on everything music, sports, video games, entertainment, politics, comedy and producing parody bits; or just touching on pop culture and current events. From time to time there will be games and trivia that may include small cash/giftcard and sticker prize packages for winners. So listen and email your answers to verbalhamradio@gmail.com. VHR is excited to be bringing you a show that is going to touch on local San Diego musicians or any indie band and artist really that might be looking for a platform to be heard and promoted. Subscribe to us in iTunes, Google Play podcasts and Stitcher. Follow #VHR on Twitter and Instagram @verbalhamradio and like us on Facebook
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