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WITR 89.7 is an indie station at heart. Whether it be the latest chart topping, critically acclaimed album by a world famous band or a just-released LP written by guys hanging out in the South Wedge, good music is just good music, and we try to get that to our listeners. Electro-pop, post-punk, garage rock, folk, and everything else in the indie spectrum can be heard during The Pulse of Music. All of our songs are picked by DJs who love music just as much as you do to ensure we're playing what you like.

Now you may have noticed that during the nighttime we take a break from the indie music. As great as it is, all music lovers know one genre isn't the end-all of all genres. We pride ourselves in our wide array of specialty shows, some playing 30+ year old gems such as Reggae Sounds and Bad Dog Blues, and others featuring new and emerging genres, we'll always have something that suites your taste. Third wave ska? Check. House? Check. Heavy Metal? Done. Jam bands? Of course.
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