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For many people it is a way of life which stretches back through generations; for others it blights the summer and brings protest to the streets. For hundreds of years Orange Order parades have been a tradition which has driven a wedge between the communities in Northern Ireland. Is this fated always to be the case or will there ever be a time when parading will be viewed as merely a cultural spectacle?

After years spent living in London and New York, acclaimed writer Nick Laird returns to the land of his birth to find out if Northern Ireland can ever inch forward from the legacy of conflict over parades. He takes us inside an often controversial and misunderstood world, spending time with Orangemen and women and opponents of parading alike and hears how for over two hundred years disputes over parades have threatened to bring Northern Ireland to the brink. Will the Orange Order and their opponents always be walking round in circles or will there ever be a meeting of minds?

Presenter: Nick Laird Producer: Robbie Meredith.

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