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On Waxtrax Radio I like to stick as close to the 60’s & 70’s as I can. You may hear 1/2 an album side, an occasional scratch, dust in the grooves, but thats vinyl and I enjoy bringing back the old sounds.
I’m a huge vinyl collector with over 3000 plus albums so I also like to play a lot of B-Sides & deep tracks.
No structure here, we threw the rule books out!
If you’re looking for a playlist schedule or to hear your average 500 song rotating top hits playlist, Waxtrax Radio isn’t it.
If you’re looking to hear stuff you never hear from bands you probably didn’t even know were around recording albums back in the mid 70’s late 70’s like Journey, The Police, Scorpions, that’s the stuff I like to play, their early progressive/psychedelic sounds.
Looking for a wide mix to expand your mind? Waxtrax Radio is it.
Always free to listen & no commercials.
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