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2016-12-04: The Sunk Cost Fallacy


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Can two skeptics solve the world's issues? Scientific skepticism is the practice of seeking whether extraordinary claims are supported by extraordinary evidence. It may be helpful not to think of skepticism as the opposite of optimism, but as the opposite of unquestioning certainty. In this weekly podcast, Harrison and Jake use a combination of science, skepticism, free thought and rationality to challenge all popular and unpopular beliefs. As a general warning, if you hold views near and dear to your heart, they may be challenged in this podcast. We often attempt to challenge our own beliefs in order to let nothing go unquestioned. As a result, we will frequently get off-topic and there will be swearing, name-calling and jokes in very poor taste. Welcome to the Wet Blanket Skeptics podcast, where there are no sacred cows allowed.
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