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On the evening of Thursday, 12th August 2010, Ozzy Eyre turned to his wife, Carole, and asked the question "When's my time"? He asked "When's my time to do all the things I always promised myself I'd do? When's my time to live the life I'm supposed to live? When's my time to become the person I'm supposed to be?"

You see, up to that point, he'd allowed fear to keep him in a job he hated for 12 years and, after that, in a job he'd merely tolerated for a further 20 years. During that time, he'd missed out on his boys growing up and pretty much everything else he'd always promised himself he'd do.

And, on that August night, he realised he'd had enough!

With Carole's agreement and support, he decided that same evening that things were going to change – that he would change. And, although neither he nor Carole knew it at the time, that was when the first seeds of a project that was to become When's My Time were sown.

In the years since then, things haven't always gone smoothly – Ozzy made mistakes along the way, sometimes big ones. But every mistake he made taught him new and valuable lessons – and even when things went wrong, every day since he left the corporate world has been way more fulfilling than any day while he was in it.

So, what about you?

How does When's My Time affect you?


- If you've ever felt there has to be more to life than this, When's My Time is for you.
- If you feel trapped in a job you hate, or a job you merely tolerate, When's My Time is for you.
- If you love your job, but still feel there is so much more you wish to accomplish, When's My Time is for you.
- When's My Time is for you if you're a dreamer.
- When's My Time is for you if you have yet to find your purpose.
- When's My Time is for you if you've found your purpose but have not yet struck out on your path to chasing it down.

In short, When's My Time is all about proving to you that it's never too late to see the changes in life you want to see – and motivating you to set about makin
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