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Saturday, September 6 at 11pm

CRN Digital Talk 4

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Albert DeRobbio and Nicky Barrilla are wise guys. They are real-life, old-fashioned gentlemen who’ve lead double-lives. They come from two different neighborhoods – and two different families (if you catch their drift). They are rough around the edges – but always gentlemen. They’re street smarts experts – and aficionados of life. They’re the tough guys you always wanted looking out for you. And now they do – each week on CRN Digital Talk.

Whether it’s mastering a marinara sauce, learning how to protect yourself, or knowing how to truly treat a lady, Al and Nicky bring a new spin to the term “wise guys” – by sharing their wisdom (and opinions) with others. The Wise Guys stress respect, loyalty, confidence and character. Albert and Nick extol these values to their listeners, callers and guests.

Back in the day, these Wise Guys were known for their brutality. That energy is now channeled into providing brutal (and entertaining) honesty. Current affairs, crime, dating, parenting, cooking, sports, and myriad other topics aren’t safe from a beating.

Al and Nicky are mesmerizing storytellers. Their jaw-dropping tales range from insightful to terrifying to hilarious (sometimes all in the same story). From heartfelt advice to hard-hitting opinions to gut-busting tales, you’ll love being part of the family with The Wise Guys Sit-Down Hour.

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