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The Omaha and Lincoln areas have been a hotbed of great music for a very long time. Wristband Radio's mission is to give everyone access to this music by streaming it 24/7. Traditional radio plays only a small handful of the many amazing local artists from this part of the country. But now, with so many new ways to listen to music, we decided it was the perfect time to start putting all of the area's good original tunes together in one place.

Our audio stream is for the newly curious as much as it is for the die-hard local music buffs. This site is designed to be useful for bands, fans, promoters, venues, and just about anyone who is interested in discovering local music the right way- by listening to it!

We’re adding more great music all the time, but we need your help to make sure we don’t leave out your favorites. So, if you know of a band you would like to suggest for our station, let us know by sending an email to suggestions@wristband-radio.com and we’ll find them, hold them down, and tickle them until we get a couple of songs. Feel free to leave suggestions on how we can improve our site’s overall form and functionality as well.
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