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Mr. Zuckerman has been a tour guide for the Travel Channel and The British Broadcasting Company (BBC). His ideas for walking tours of New York City have been published in Fodor’s Travel Guide. In addition, he is contributing travel writer for “New Jersey Pet Publication,” founder of the Westchester Information Technology Group, and host of WVOX 1460 AM Weekly Drive Time. He owns three Westchester-based IT companies: Armascan Development Group, Armascan Technology Corp., and True Diversity Ltd. These organizations house 50 employees specializing in internet/website development, integration services, programming and technical consultation. As a graduate of Indiana State University and former teacher and basketball coach in Yonkers, Mr. Zuckerman was also a high-level sales manager at such companies as Data General and in McDonald Douglas’ computer division. Mrs. Zuckerman is a history teacher in Yonkers, has conducted live broadcast interviews for the BBC, and along with her husband, volunteers as a tour guide for Big Apple Greeters of New York City.

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