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Katie Wynne Interview | Part Two


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Hello Listeners, Welcome. My name is Phillip J. Mellen and I hail from the state of Massachusetts, USA. Hence the ‘Bostonian accent’ stand-in: "aht" for "art". It’s ahtcast. Ahtcast is a word, a partially made up word. It is a podcast. It is a podcast that aims to discover the passions, through the investigation of process, of the artist and their work, studio practice and inspirations etc. The backbone of each interview is the set of questions that are asked in each interview. They are a vehicle for dialogue. They are designed to gain insights and are a catalyst for open conversation. These questions often yield some very personal stories behind why artists do what they do and how they do it. I hope you enjoy the content shared in these interviews. Thank you for listening. Please visit: www.ahtcast.com for more on each artist. ("explicit" only because some artists use so many darn swear words).
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