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Some say Hardcore Gamers Radio is just an online radio station playing
music, sure that's partially true in what we do. One of the most important
things to HGR is the community, we regularly organize and host events for
our listeners to help support the in-game community as well as keeping them
informed on whats going on in the games they love. What brings us together is
our passion for games and music. We help our listeners in game and out, we
broaden their horizons within games and there's always a time to win a prize
or two. We play every type of music, we leave no request unheard and we
don't limit to edited music. We are a non-profit radio station, our dj's are from
the gaming world, we dj because we enjoy it and nothing is greater than helping
the community. so tune in and enjoy the everlasting adventures within our
ever growing community
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