A Way With Words - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
WOUB Fri 12pm 1 hour Athens, OH Listen
KAMU Talk Sat 9pm 1 hour College Station, TX More information
WVPE-HD2 Sat 1pm 1 hour Elkhart, IN More information
Radio X Wed 12pm 1 hour Brussels, More information
Radio X Thur 8am 1 hour Brussels, More information
Wyoming Public Radio Sun 5pm 1 hour Laramie, WY More information
VPR Sat 6am 1 hour Burlington, VT More information
Yellowstone Public Radio Thur 9pm 1 hour Billings, MT More information
NCPR Mon 1pm 1 hour Canton, NY More information
KGLP Mon 10pm 1 hour Gallup, NM More information
Grateful Dread Public Radio Sun 6pm 1 hour Nashville, TN More information
IPR News Radio Sun 12pm 1 hour Traverse City, MI More information
WFYI Sat 1pm 1 hour Indianapolis, IN More information
VPR Thur 9pm 1 hour Burlington, VT More information
Public Radio 90 Tue 6:30pm 1 hour Marquette, MI More information
KHSU Sat 3pm 1 hour Arcata, CA More information
WBAA News Sun 12pm 1 hour West Lafayette, IN More information
WPR Ideas Sun 10am 1 hour Madison, WI More information
Troy Public Radio Sat 7am 1 hour Montgomery, AL More information
KSFC Sun 11pm 1 hour Spokane, WA More information
KAHI Sat,Sun 10pm 1 hour Auburn, CA More information
KAWC-FM Thur 2pm 1 hour Yuma, AZ More information
WNPR Sun 11pm 1 hour Meriden, CT More information
WYSU Sun 3pm 1 hour Youngstown, OH More information
KTOO Sun 10pm 1 hour Juneau, AK More information
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