Dave Ramsey - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
KMAS Mon-Fri 6pm 3 hours Shelton, WA Listen
KNSI Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Saint Cloud, MN Listen
KNOX Mon-Fri 7pm 4 hours Grand Forks, ND More information
KSCJ Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Sioux City, IA Listen
WCHS Tue,Wed,Fri 7pm 3 hours Charleston, WV Listen
WMBD Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Peoria, IL Listen
WIBW Mon-Sat 7pm 3 hours Topeka, KS More information
WFIR Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri 7pm 3 hours Roanoke, VA Listen
WCLO Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Janesville, WI Listen
KNET Mon-Fri 6pm 2 hours Palestine, TX Listen
K-TIP Radio Mon-Fri 6pm 3 hours Porterville, CA Listen
WGGH Mon-Fri 5pm 3 hours Marion, IL Listen
WORD Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Simpsonville, SC Listen
WBT Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Charlotte, NC Listen
WRKO Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Boston, MA Listen
AM 790 Mon-Fri 6pm 3 hours Providence, RI More information
Business 1440 Mon-Thu 6pm 3 hours Golden Valley, MN Listen
WOOD Mon-Fri 6pm 3 hours Grand Rapids, MI Listen
100.7 WFLA Mon-Fri 6pm 2 hours Midway, FL Listen
WAAX 570AM Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Gadsden, AL Listen
News Talk 800 WVHU Mon-Fri 6pm 4 hours Huntington, WV Listen
WDEL Mon-Fri 6pm 4 hours Wilmington, DE More information
NewsRadio 1290 WTKS Mon-Fri 6pm 3 hours Savannah, GA Listen
Delaware 105.9 Mon-Fri 7pm 3 hours Lewes, DE Listen
KCLI Mon-Fri 6pm 3 hours Clinton, OK Listen
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