Missa Dominical - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
Radio Maria (Mozambique) Sun 11am 2 hours Matola, Listen
web radio sintonia Sun 11am 1 hour 15 minutes , Listen
Rádio Central (Campinas) Sun 4:30am 1 hour Campinas, SP More information
Radio Ondas Do Lima Sun 6am 1 hour Ponte do Lima, More information
Rádio Difusora 1450 AM Sun 5am 1 hour 50 minutes Rio Brilhante, MS More information
Rádio São Borja Sun 6am 1 hour Sao Borja, RS More information
Rádio Comunidade FM Sun 5pm 1 hour 30 minutes Gama, DF More information
Rádio Amapá FM Sun 5am 1 hour Macapá, AP More information
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