Morning Edition - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
KPCC Mon-Fri 5am 7 hours Pasadena, CA Listen
Aspen Public Radio Mon-Fri 7am 4 hours Aspen, CO Listen
91.5 KRCC Mon-Fri 7am 4 hours Colorado Springs, CO Listen
KIYU-FM Mon-Fri 10:30am 30 minutes Galena, AK Listen
WKAR Mon-Fri 9am 2 hours East Lansing, MI Listen
KCRW Mon-Fri 6am 6 hours Santa Monica, CA Listen
KUSU-FM Mon-Fri 7am 4 hours Logan, UT Listen
KCRW News Mon-Fri 10am 2 hours Santa Monica, CA Listen
KCUR-FM Mon-Fri 6am 5 hours Kansas City, MO Listen
KGLP Mon-Fri 8am 3 hours Gallup, NM Listen
NWPR Classical Music Mon-Fri 8am 4 hours Moscow, ID Listen
KUNR Mon-Fri 8am 4 hours Reno, NV Listen
KBSX Mon-Fri 6am 5 hours Boise, ID Listen
KUAZ Mon-Thu 8am 3 hours Tucson, AZ Listen
KZYX Mon-Fri 10am 2 hours Philo, CA Listen
Yellowstone Public Radio Mon-Fri 7am 4 hours Billings, MT Listen
KUOW-FM Mon-Fri 8am 4 hours Seattle, WA Listen
North State Public Radio (KCHO/KFPR) Mon-Fri 9am 3 hours Chico, CA Listen
KUFM Mon-Fri 7am 4 hours Missoula, MT Listen
KBBI Mon-Fri 9am 3 hours Homer, AK Listen
KUCB Mon-Fri 9am 2 hours Unalaska, AK Listen
KCAW Mon-Fri 9am 3 hours Sitka, AK Listen
KLCC Mon-Fri 7am 5 hours Eugene, OR Listen
KHSU Mon-Fri 6am 6 hours Arcata, CA Listen
KFSK Mon-Fri 8am 3 hours 30 minutes Petersburg, AK Listen
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