Nights with Alice Cooper - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
The Fox 103.9 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Owosso, MI Listen
Rocky 104.9 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Hollidaysburg, PA Listen
The Bus Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sun 7pm 5 hours Boalsburg, PA Listen
WKAZ-FM Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Miami, WV Listen
Fox 102 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Saint Andrews, SC Listen
The Rock Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Bowling Green, VA Listen
The Eagle Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Lima, OH Listen
Wheelz 104.5 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Saginaw, MI Listen
Q95 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Indianapolis, IN Listen
The Fox 103.1 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Russell, PA Listen
WUPK Mon-Fri 6pm 5 hours Marquette, MI Listen
WKVT-FM Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Brattleboro, VT Listen
WCHX Mon-Fri 7pm 10 hours Lewistown, PA Listen
Star FM Berlin Sat 12:45pm 2 hours Berlin, Berlin More information
KTHO Sun 10pm 5 hours South Lake Tahoe, CA More information
96FM Mon-Fri 6am 5 hours Perth, WA More information
KSLX-FM Tue-Sat 1am 2 hours Scottsdale, AZ More information
The Fox 106.5 Mon-Fri 10pm 5 hours Lucerne Valley, CA More information
100.7 WZLX Sat 7pm 5 hours Boston, MA More information
The Big Dog Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Muscle Shoals, AL More information
The River Mon-Fri 9pm 6 hours Monte Rio, CA More information
Classic Rock 95.9 Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Springfield, FL More information
KCMQ Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Columbia, MO More information
BOB FM Sun 12am 1 hour Lindsay, ON More information
Lake City Rock Sat 7pm 5 hours Warsaw, IN More information
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