On Air with Ryan Seacrest - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
Hot 99.5 Mon-Fri 12pm 3 hours Washington, DC Listen
103.7 Lite fm Mon-Fri 10am 5 hours Cusseta, GA Listen
Y107 Mon-Fri 11am 4 hours Jefferson City, MO Listen
Q92 Mon-Fri 11am 4 hours Destin, FL Listen
Kiss 98.5 Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Niagara Falls, NY Listen
KHOP @ 95-1 Mon-Fri 1pm 4 hours Oakdale, CA Listen
105.3 Hot FM Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Coopersville, MI Listen
102.5 WIOG Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Bay City, MI Listen
Wild 102.9 Mon-Fri 1pm 4 hours South Lake Tahoe, CA Listen
98.5 KRZ Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Freeland, PA Listen
JJS Radio Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Roanoke, VA Listen
99-3 KISS FM Mon-Fri 9am 5 hours Harrisburg, PA Listen
Star 94.1 Mon-Fri 1pm 4 hours San Diego, CA Listen
Kiss FM Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Pittsburgh, PA Listen
KISS 98.3 Winchester Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Stephens City, VA Listen
97.9 KISS FM Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Neptune Beach, FL Listen
Z100 Mon-Fri 11am 3 hours Eau Claire, WI Listen
96.5 KISS FM Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Akron, OH Listen
93.3 FLZ Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Tampa, FL Listen
107.1 KISS FM Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours South Sioux City, NE Listen
Q94 Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Richmond, VA Listen
G105 Mon-Fri 12pm 4 hours Durham, NC Listen
bob 93.3 Mon-Fri 12pm 4 hours Washington, NC Listen
HOT 107.9 Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Syracuse, NY Listen
96.1 KISS-FM Mon-Fri 10am 4 hours Poughkeepsie, NY Listen
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