SVP and Russillo - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
ESPN Atlanta, Sports Talk, 790 The Zone Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Atlanta, GA Listen
KEYS Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Corpus Christi, TX Listen
ESPN 101.3 Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Essex, NY Listen
ESPN Warsaw Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Ligonier, IN Listen
KBLG Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Billings, MT Listen
ESPN Radio Mon,Wed,Thur,Fri 1pm 3 hours Bristol, CT Listen
ESPN 1380 AM Fort Wayne Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Fort Wayne, IN Listen
ESPN 106.7 FM Fort Wayne Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Hicksville, OH Listen
WDBO Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Orlando, FL Listen
XS Sports 96.1 Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Shingletown, CA Listen
The Game Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Owensboro, KY Listen
ESPN 100.9 Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Pinconning, MI Listen
97.9 ESPN Radio Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Woodville, FL Listen
AM 590 ESPN Radio Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Omaha, NE Listen
WTMZ Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Dorchester, SC Listen
The Zone Mon-Fri 1pm 1 hour Union Grove, AL Listen
ESPN 950 Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Richmond, VA Listen
WTIG Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Massillon, OH Listen
WWCN Mon-Fri 1pm 1 hour Fort Myers Beach, FL Listen
WKEX Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Blacksburg, VA Listen
ESPN Hawaii Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Hilo, HI Listen
ESPN Rochester Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Rochester, NY Listen
The Fan Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Portland, OR Listen
ESPN 1230 Mon-Fri 1pm 3 hours Fayetteville, NC Listen
ESPN 96.3 Mon-Fri 1pm 2 hours Mena, AR Listen
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