The Dave Ramsey Show - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
WFMD Mon-Fri 9pm 3 hours Frederick, MD Listen
KSVC Mon-Fri 9pm 3 hours Richfield, UT Listen
FM News Radio 100.5 KXNT Mon-Fri 9pm 3 hours North Las Vegas, NV Listen
KBLU Mon-Fri 9pm 4 hours Yuma, AZ Listen
KFEQ Mon-Fri 8pm 3 hours Saint Joseph, MO Listen
NewsRadio 1080 KRLD Mon-Fri 9pm 2 hours Dallas, TX Listen
News Radio 590 Mon-Fri 9pm 3 hours Idaho Falls, ID Listen
Supertalk Radio Mon-Fri 9pm 2 hours La Grande, OR Listen
KTOE Mon-Sun 10pm 3 hours Mankato, MN More information
K-YES Radio Mon-Fri 9pm 2 hours Sauk Rapids, MN Listen
KSCB Mon-Fri 8pm 3 hours Liberal, KS Listen
KTAR-FM Mon-Fri 10pm 4 hours Glendale, AZ Listen
AM 770 KTTH Mon-Fri 9pm 3 hours Seattle, WA Listen
WLNL Mon-Fri 9pm 2 hours Horseheads, NY Listen
News Talk 1320 Mon-Fri 9pm 3 hours Fort Smith, AR Listen
KNRS-FM Mon-Fri 9pm 3 hours Centerville, UT Listen
600 WMT Mon-Fri 10pm 3 hours Cedar Rapids, IA Listen
KNST Mon-Fri 10pm 1 hour Tucson, AZ Listen
NewsRadio 1190 KEX Mon-Fri 10pm 3 hours Portland, OR Listen
1150 WJBO Mon-Fri 8pm 3 hours Baton Rouge, LA Listen
News Talk 890 Mon-Fri 10pm 1 hour Saint George, UT Listen
WOR 710 AM Mon-Fri 9pm 3 hours New York, NY Listen
WSVG Mon-Fri 10pm 2 hours Mount Jackson, VA Listen
WEGP Mon-Fri 10pm 3 hours Presque Isle, ME Listen
KWBW Mon-Fri 8pm 3 hours Hutchinson, KS Listen
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