The John Tesh Show - Intelligence For Your Life - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
KIXI Mon-Fri 1pm 5 hours Mercer Island, WA Listen
Sunny 1063 Mon-Fri 2pm 5 hours Fort Myers, FL Listen
KOMC-FM Mon-Fri 3pm 5 hours Kimberling City, MO Listen
The Wave Mon-Fri 3pm 3 hours Eldon, MO Listen
WTBQ Mon-Fri 3pm 3 hours Warwick, NY Listen
WGYL Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sun 3pm 5 hours Vero Beach, FL Listen
STAR 102.3 Mon-Fri 1pm 5 hours Brownsville, OR Listen
Mix 107.7 Mon-Fri 2pm 5 hours Sasser, GA Listen
Mix 103 Mon-Fri 4pm 5 hours Montgomery, AL Listen
99.5 Magic FM Mon-Fri 4pm 4 hours Albuquerque, NM Listen
Mix 96.7 Mon-Fri 1:36pm 4 hours 24 minutes Solvang, CA Listen
The Point Mon-Sat 2pm 5 hours Centerville, IN Listen
The Fish 103.9FM Mon-Fri 1pm 5 hours Lincoln, CA Listen
102.3 the Bug Mon-Fri 4pm 5 hours Wautoma, WI Listen
92-3 GXL Mon-Fri 3pm 4 hours Hanover, NH Listen
KCCR Mon-Fri 2pm 4 hours Pierre, SD Listen
WTYM Mon-Fri 3pm 5 hours Kittanning, PA Listen
Lite FM Mon-Sat 3pm 5 hours Hempstead, TX Listen
The Point Mon-Sat 2pm 5 hours Richmond, IN Listen
KIXI Mon-Fri 1pm 5 hours Bremerton, WA Listen
WTBQ Mon-Fri 3pm 3 hours Warwick, NY Listen
Wave 104.1 Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri,Sun 3pm 5 hours Pelican Rapids, MN Listen
Today's 97.5 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Martinsburg, WV More information
The Duck Mon-Fri 11am 5 hours Lynchburg, TN More information
The Duck Sat 8pm 4 hours 59 minutes Lynchburg, TN More information
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