The Lia Show - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
Froggy 92.9 Mon-Fri 10pm 5 hours Healdsburg, CA Listen
Froggy 95 Mon-Sat 7pm 5 hours Johnstown, PA More information
WMKC Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Indian River, MI More information
KSOM Mon-Sat 8pm 5 hours Audubon, IA More information
WLJE Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Valparaiso, IN More information
Kix 102.5 Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Joplin, MO More information
93 Q Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Pasadena, TX More information
The COYOTE Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Sat 7pm 5 hours Richmond, KY More information
Big Country 92.3 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Ishpeming, MI More information
Country 104.7 Mon-Sat 10pm 5 hours Wenatchee, WA More information
107.5 Outlaw Country Mon-Sat 9pm 5 hours Los Alamos, NM More information
Big Country 97.1 Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Haskell, TX More information
Y-101 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Ontonagon, MI More information
Z 100 Mon-Sat 8pm 5 hours Harrisburg, IL More information
KYCK Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Crookston, MN More information
Kicker 95.1 Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Beaumont, TX More information
U.S. 105.9 Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Mahomet, IL More information
BUG Country! Mon-Sat 7pm 5 hours Newport, NY More information
102.5 KIAK FM Mon-Sat 11pm 5 hours Fairbanks, AK More information
Q-102 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Du Bois, PA More information
LA 103.5 Mon-Fri 8pm 5 hours Pineville, LA More information
Froggy 100.9 Mon-Fri 7pm 5 hours Berlin Corners, VT More information
97.7 Kicker FM Mon-Sat 8pm 5 hours Auburn, AL More information
Super Country KGMN Mon-Fri 9pm 5 hours Kingman, AZ More information
Big Country 100.9 Mon-Sat 7pm 5 hours Big Rapids, MI More information
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