The Ray Lucia Show - all stations and times

Station Days Start Time Duration Location Status
KSBN Mon-Fri 12pm 3 hours Spokane, WA Listen
Money 105.5 FM Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri 12pm 1 hour Dunnigan, CA Listen
The Biz Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Sweetwater, FL Listen
WLOE Mon-Fri 12pm 3 hours Eden, NC Listen
1300 KKOL Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Seattle, WA Listen
The BiZ Mon-Fri 12:06pm 1 hour 54 minutes Apopka, FL Listen
KBNP Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Portland, OR Listen
KVCE Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Highland Park, TX Listen
KITZ Wed 12pm 3 hours Silverdale, WA Listen
GAB Radio Tue,Wed 12pm 1 hour Vero Beach, FL Listen
KSRO Mon-Fri 12pm 3 hours Santa Rosa, CA Listen
Radio Colorado Network Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Longmont, CO Listen
biz 1190 Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Atlanta, GA Listen
Business Radio 760 Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Honolulu, HI Listen
KDOW Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Palo Alto, CA Listen
Business 1570 Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Golden Valley, MN Listen
Money Radio 1200 Mon-Fri 12pm 3 hours Cathedral City, CA Listen
KORN Mon-Fri 12:06pm 54 minutes Mitchell, SD Listen
Money Radio 1510 Wed 12pm 1 hour Mesa, AZ Listen
The BUZZ Mon-Fri 12pm 4 hours Tulsa, OK Listen
Global American Broadcasting 1 Mon-Fri 12pm 3 hours Vero Beach, FL Listen
XEPE Mon-Fri 12pm 3 hours Tecate, BN Listen
WLOE Mon-Fri 12pm 3 hours Mayodan, NC Listen
KWBG Mon-Fri 12pm 1 hour Boone, IA Listen
Money Radio 1510 Wed 12pm 1 hour Phoenix, AZ Listen

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