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Broadcast your station to TuneIn's global audience of 50 million monthly active users. Both existing and new fans will be able to listen to your content on their mobile phones & tablets, computers, smart TVs, internet radios and even their cars.

All you have to do to get started is give us some basic information. We'll categorize your station, add it our library & make it easy for both existing and new listeners to find. All of the detailed terms are here. Finally, if you ever want to stop broadcasting on TuneIn, just let us know. It's as simple as that.

If you would like instructions on adding your podcast to TuneIn, please visit here.


The name that appears in TuneIn search and browse. Ex: Rockin Radio, The Ticket, Pure Jazz Hits

This is the email that only TuneIn will use to contact you and let you know the status of your station listing. You can enter a separate email for listeners to contact your station in the 'More Detail…' section below!

Make it easy for listeners to visit your site. Tell them where to go!

Please enter as many streams as you have. mp3 and AAC streams are best, and if you give us streams with different bitrates (32, 64, 128) we can offer your listeners the best experience for their phone, home radio, TV and car! Click '+Add another stream' to give us all the formats you have.

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The primary genres or formats of your programming. Put your main category first. Just start typing and we will help you fill out the rest!

This is the logo that your listeners will look at while listening to your station on the web, mobile phones, cars and TVs! We recommend a square logo in GIF, PNG, or JPG format. Keep in mind that this will show up on white and black backgrounds so if you have a black or white logo, you might need to make some alterations (or we will do it for you)!

This will be displayed on the site and in some products so that listeners can communicate with you!

Primary twitter account for the station

Call-in phone line for the station

Short description, 64 characters max

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