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A Kabbalistic Approach to Fixing the World

Shlomo Carlebach

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A Kabbalistic Approach to Fixing the World by Shlomo Carlebach.In this never before released talk by the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, we are exposed to his deeply spiritual and simple truths, lessons and inspirations. Interspersed in the teachings are wonderful melodies composed by Rabbi Carlebach, who offers this profound yet simple truth: “When you see something wrong with the world you are the one to fix it”.Excerpt from recording: “Every day God needs different things from us. You know one of the great Rabbis passed away. And his children came to the holy visionary…and he says to them, “What was the most important thing for your father?” so they said, “For our father, the most important thing is what you do right now.” You know most people have those general ideas — they know what to do forever — but when it comes to the moment they have no idea what to do with it. I know every week is Shabbos; I know every year is Rosh Hashanah; I know every year is Yom Kippur, good; but what are you doing right now? And usually they always do the wrong thing because they are not in tune with the moment, special privilege. You know something? You can be the greatest scholar in the world and not know… Sometimes a person asks you a question and what they need right now you will never know… It’s so deep to know. What are you supposed to do right this minute?”




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