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A Toddler's Prayer - Book 1

Lori Grant Kirk

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Toddlers learn right from wrong very early. They can also learn to ask God for guidance. A Toddler's Prayer, by author Lori Grant Kirk, helps young children pray in practical yet fun ways. Most toddlers struggle with issues such as pushing, patience, and sharing. A Toddler's Prayer offers teachable moments with your child as well as putting your toddler's actions in perspective. 'Growing up the second of eight kids, I promised myself I'd never be as unreasonable as my parents. Then I caught myself telling one of my two children...because I said so! I thought, oh, this parenting stuff is harder than I thought. This lovely book will remind parents what it's like to be kids, and maybe make us all a bit more understanding. The book will also give parents a chance to talk with their children about how it's possible to try hard, to make mistakes, to suffer the consequences, and to still be loved. After all, we're all mistake-riddled children in God's eyes.' -Paul Carroll, Author Big Blues: The Unmaking of IBM. Author Lori Grant Kirk is adding new chapters to her life as an author. She has a background in accounting but has developed new interests since becoming a single mother of two toddlers. She began writing children's books as a way to connect with her children in a fun way with a biblical emphasis. Her faith in God drives her to reach out to others now through her writing. Lori currently resides in Citrus Heights, California, with her precious daughters, Savannah and Sierra.




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Chapter 1
Chapter 1