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A Visit with Victor the Vet

Donna S. Pendley

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What’s a veteran? Who’s a veteran? Classroom teacher Vicky Vernon introduces her students to the special person in her life that can answer all their questions. In A Visit With Victor The Vet, author Donna Pendley uses Mrs. Vernon’s husband, Victor, to explain in a compassionate and caring way to her classroom who and what a veteran is. Victor is an injured soldier that is very proud and privileged to defend the freedom of his country in battle. He reveals to the students that veterans are everyday people that take an oath to protect America. The students realize veterans have been a part of history ever since we declared our independence and became a nation. Parents will enjoy reading this story to their children and discovering just how important veterans are to our country’s development and greatness. If you are a veteran, know a veteran, or are just curious about veterans, you will enjoy having A Visit With Victor The Vet. In addition to her occupation of working with and for veterans, author Donna Pendley also stays busy by teaching a preschool class at her local church where she is an active member. She is also currently taking courses to obtain a Master’s Degree in English. Because Donna’s life has been shaped in a positive way by the veterans in her life, she was inspired to share her thoughts and feelings in the form of a story about veterans. Donna and her husband, Bill, currently reside in Muskogee, Oklahoma, where they enjoy time with their family, children, and grandchildren. Juvenile Fiction-Appreciation Veterans-Life Stories, Ages 4-8




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