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ArmandPtolemy 12

Epilogue. Octavio Veerspike has an audience on Isla Saqqara with the Crimson Man and at last makes a choice that will define him until the end of his days ...

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Chapter Eleven: John Horn and the Turtle. Not all Elites are bad: enter John Horn, American patriot, billionairre and recent defector from the Commission. Ptolemy and Ashley are told of the Golden Aleph -- and given some help getting to Isla Saqqara ...

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Chapter Ten: Diner of Death. A massive quake his Nassau at night ... just as the Wu sons show up. Ptolemy and Ashley are chased across the island, while Commission operatives are strangely able to quickly locate the duo at will ... but nothing is as strange as the re-appearance of Cat-Eye and what he has in store for them ...

ArmandPtolemy 09

Chapter Nine: Fighting Back. Ashley Veerspike describes how she eventually twisted the tables back around on the Commission -- and the price she paid.

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Chapter Eight: Black Butterfly. Over dinner, Ashley Veerspike tells her tale to Armand Ptolemy of 'growing up Veerspike'. Being a young Elite may sound great on the surface, but in truth it's a dark world of mind control, alternate personalities, and terrible trauma ...

ArmandPtolemy 07

Chapter Seven: Wu and Veerspike When Armand Ptolemy returns to the hotel with the location of Isla Saqqara, he reveals to Ashley Veerspike that his jaunt over to Wu's compound with Cat-Eye may not have been at all what it seemed at the time ... and that Ashley herself had more to do with it that she thinks!

ArmandPtolemy 06

Chapter Six: Wu and Cat-Eye. Armand Ptolemy and Ashley Veerspike arrive in Nassau, where the game of games is afoot. The Elite are already assasinating one another, jockeying for position. Ptolemy needs to wring the location of Isla Saqqara out of one of them ... but which one and how?

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Chapter Four: Pindoh. International banker Octavio Veerspike and Mr. Fum know who Ptolemy really is, and he is invited to play the occult card game of Pindoh with some up-and-comers on the world stage. But the stakes are far higher than the pot of money on the table ...

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Chapter 3: Candlelighters. In Cairo, Egypt, Ptolemy infiltrates the secret Candlelight Group conference. Here, Presidents and world leaders were vetted by the captains of industry. And here Ptolemy meets Octavio Veerspike and his stunning daughter, Ashley Veerspike. Of course, Veerspike's manservant Mr. Fum is extra-vigilant here amidst the pyramids ...

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ArmandPtolemy 02

Chapter Two: "Expect Us" Ptolemy travels to upstate New York to meet with Lucy Bloom, an eightysomething computer whiz living on a farm. Through her, he learns that an Aleph was used on him in the Library, and that the Commission is planning something sinister in the near future ...

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