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Black Bull of Norroway

Robert Chambers

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Black Bull of Norroway is a Scottish fairytale. The Anglicised version was first p by Joseph Jacobs in his book More English Fairy Tales in 1894. Three washerwoman’s daughters leave their house to find their fortune. First they all go the witch’s house. She advise them to go to her back door. The eldest finds coach-and six there, the second sees coach-and-four and both leave with these coaches. The third daughter finds there only a black bull. They travel together, visit his three brothers’ kingdoms. In every castle they are welcomed and the girl is given 3 fruits one by one. But she is not allowed to eat the fruits until she has 3 greatest needs. Then they come at valley of glass, bull is going to fight the devil and she has to wait for him and not to move at all. But she changes her position a little bit and the bull is not able to come back to her anymore. What is going to happen to poor girl? Read this beautiful fairy tale and you won’t regret it. Everybody gets what they deserve and the story is one more proof for this statement.




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Chapter 1
Chapter 1