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Busy and Sticky: Two Tiny Bees

Karen Andersen Stanley

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Is it possible to spend time with honeybees without getting stung? Author Karen Stanley has done just that and is now providing the same opportunity to children everywhere, especially ages 0 to 110. In this first book in her Busy and Sticky series, Karen brings to life two likeable characters who share their learning about how important all God's children are to Him-and that includes Two Tiny Bees! Come and meet Busy and Sticky, and share their discoveries of what their special talent is that God has given them and how they learn to use their talent to honor our Heavenly Father. 'I liked it! The whole thing was my favorite. I can't wait to find out what their [Busy and Sticky's] next special job will be. Two thumbs up!' Connor, 8 years old 'I like it forever and ever and ever. Let's read number 2.' Andrew, 4 years old




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Chapter 1
Chapter 1