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Clearing Cancer - A Three Part Program

Max Highstein

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The mind-body component is a crucial part of the path to recovery in serious illness, and guided imagery has been used as part of cancer treatment for decades. This program utilizes guided imagery to focus on three different aspects of the healing process for cancer patients. 1) Clearing Your Cells With Love 16:00 2) Preparing For Treatment 14:00 3) Emotional Support For Healing 15:00 Each of these three guided meditation for healing programs covers a different part of the recovery process. Healing music composed specifically for this program by Max Highstein accompanies the powerful script, beautifully voiced by Kitzie Stern. All of the qualities that made The Healing Waterfall an award winning bestselling meditation are present here, focused specifically on healing cancer. If you or someone you know is fighting cancer, you’ll want to be sure to have this program on hand. ABOUT PART ONE: Clearing Your Cells With Love Traditionally, guided imagery programs for treating cancer focused on stimulating the immune system with “warfare” imagery. A patient would visualize fighting their cancer with artillery blasts, laser guns, and other violent means to stimulate the immune system. But rather than add negativity to an already difficult situation, this program takes another approach. In this guided meditation, you’ll spend time in a cozy room inside your own heart center, and send rays of healing light to cancer cells. Powered by love, the rays automatically seek out and eliminate cancer cells where every they may be, by making each cell realize “I don’t belong here”, and dematerialize of its own accord. Vibrant music and colorful imagery bring this program to life, making it dramatic and powerful.




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