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Are you unhappy at work? Is your business failing? Want more out of life? It’s time to demand your destiny! Start pursuing the life you see in your mind every day. Whatever your “destiny” means to you – more time, more money, more health, more love, more happiness and more freedom to do what you want – this motivational audio will show you how to get started and then make it happen! Visualize your future and make your dreams a top priority. See why Brian Tracy endorses Patrick Snow, a dynamic speaker who speaks to hundreds of thousands of people per year. Patrick Snow is an international best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, publishing coach, and an entrepreneur. For more than 20 years, he has studied the field of personal growth and development. As a result, he has been called “The Dean of Destiny” by high achievers nationwide. Patrick’s “DESTINY” message has been recognized in major newspapers such as The New York Times, Denver Post, and the Chicago Sun Times. His book and photo were also featured on the cover story in the December 5, 2002, issue of USA Today. His message has also been featured on hundreds of radio stations throughout North America and Europe. Patrick has also been a TV guest on Seattle’s popular Northwest Afternoon.




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