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EDITH WHARTON. Perhaps best known for her classic novel The Age of Innocence Wharton loved the short story form because its brevity allowed her to concentrate on telling the story. In these three powerful stories, Edith Wharton transports the listener to the turn of the century where she depicts (without turning to sensationalism) the shocking topics of the time. Often, she opens just after an incident allowing the listener to be immersed straight into the story. In Souls Belated we meet a couple on a train, digesting and reacting to that morning’s event. In The Muse’s Tragedy, a young man meets his favourite poet’s muse and soon uncovers the truth about their much talked about relationship. Atypically Roman Fever starts with a seemingly normal day in Rome and soon reveals a lot more than expected when two middle aged women start recalling a past trip to the Italian capital. These stories are read by the accomplished actress Janet Maw




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