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Get Switched on! - Re-evaluate Your Life and Get What You Want…NOW!

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In difficult economic times, people tend to make excuses, focus on what’s not working, and become disillusioned-a disengaged team is not good for your bottom line. But it doesn’t have to be this way! “Switched off” employees can turn a small morning upset into a bad day, which evolves into a bad week, then a bad month, etc. Smart companies know that when their employees are “switched on” – for every phone call, every meeting, and every appointment – it pays big benefits. In this exciting and dynamic presentation, “Get Switched On!”, Chip shows you how to help your team recapture the power of momentum. Is there a gap between where you are and where you want to be? Your choices have brought you to where you are today, whether positive or negative. Recognizing this fact also leads to the realization that if you make different choices-sometimes extremely difficult choices, you can reach that new target much quicker. Chip Eichelberger gets his audiences to say WOW! His action on stage translates to excitement in the audience, and his customized keynotes and seminars produce results for every meeting. He entertains with his natural humor and a relevant message that consistently captivates audiences. Formally Tony Robbins international point-man, Chip can challenge, enlighten, and motivate. Meeting planners find his accessibility and attention to detail refreshing. Chip does not do a “one-way” keynote address, he creates an interactive experience.




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